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What is UltraPulse® SCAAR FX™
The most powerful medical CO2 laser

  • Deepest Impact for the Deepest and Most Complex Scars
    up to 4mm penetration in a single pulse
  • Highest Peak Power for a Deeper Impact with Enhanced Safety
    uparalleled 240W, enabling an optimal ablation/coagulation ratio
  • Shortest Pulse Duration for Maximum Patient Safety and Comfort
    wider safety margin at all energy levels
  • Used by the World's Leading Physcians to Change Patients' Live
    featured in many scientific publications and media items


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JOIN UltraPulse® SCAAR FX™ laser symposium for burn scars and live demos! 
26 Sept | Mon, 8:40-10:10 AM

TITLE: Ablative fractional laser for the improvement of hypertrophic burn scars: clinical protocol, results and live demos

PRESENTED by Dr. Gerd Gauglitz, MD, PhD, MMS, Assistant Profession / Head of Laser Medicine at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. Dr.Gauglitz completed his post-doctorate in the Surgery and Burns unit of Shriners Burn Hospital, Texas, US. He will share his experience of burn scar treatments with UltraPulse® SCAAR FX™ and demonstrate procedure on the burn scar patients.




Capture_3.jpg Capture_4.jpg
Baseline After Tx Baseline After Tx
Courtesy of Dr. Waibel Courtesy of Dr. Murison

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