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Glaucoma Laser Therapy Reimagined

Digital Duet & Trio Info kit

Brochures, Clinical Study, Technology and Capabilities videos and more...

Digital Duet & Trio Info kit

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The first and only digital SLT-YAG platform

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Streamline Workflow
Accelerate practice efficiency by seamlessly connecting the EMR, reporting and integrated imagery.

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Revolutionizes documentation and education
Capture digital images and videos. Offer live viewing for clear education of patients and students.

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Smart V Titratable Illumination
Optimize visualization during capsulotomy and iridotomy and illuminate vitreous opacities with on-axis/off-axis illumination.

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Superior Optics with Maximum Accuracy
State-of the art optics provide optimal visibility of the trabecular meshwork and anterior segment. Superior accuracy and precision combined with the rapid-firing rate of 3 shots per second.


Upgradable to Asset 2

3 lasers
1 device

All-in-one solution for practices that also provide retina treatment, with an integrated state-of-the-art Smart532 photocoagular with SmartPulse for subthreshold capabilities to ensure maximal efficacy with minimal collateral damage.