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MOSES Technology - Urology Laser machine

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For Holmium Laser lithotripsy and BPH treatments

The technological advances in the realm of Holmium lasers have created new horizons for surgeons treating urinary stones and BPH.

Be it flexible ureteroscopy, PCNL, Mini PCNL, HoLEP or Vaporization - the Lumenis Holmium Laser Systems allows surgeons to tailor the optimal settings and techniques for every patient and every case. 

With the Lumenis MOSES Pulse 120H Laser system you can achieve:

Bullet_Point-1.png 20% reduction in procedure time
Bullet_Point-1.png 25% less fragmentation time
Bullet_Point-1.png 60% reduction in retropulsion and stone migration
Bullet_Point-1.png Improved BPH procedures
Download our information kit to dive deep into the clinical research concerning the surgical benefits of the MOSES Pulse 120H Laser system. The research was published in leading scientific journals and presented at prominent scientific conferences: logos

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Kit includes: Procedure videos, Peer reviewed clinical publications, Webinars, and more..

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