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Powerful Surgical Solutions

VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ (VPPS), Dual Wavelength & VersaPulse P20 are known for their urologic applications for the treatment of BPH, stones, tumors or strictures. They are also cleared to treat a range of applications in other surgical fields, making the VersaPulse family a versatile solution.

bulletblue Why Holmium?
Using Holmium as a power source allows precise and controlled cutting and vaporization. It penetrates just enough to ablate soft tissue without charring and minimizing collateral damage.

bulletblue Extensive clinical evidence

 VPPS 100W laser for effective HoLEP procedures:
• Avoid access operation time 
• Over 15 years of clinical evidence have made HoLEP the right choice for Urologists and patients worldwide
• HoLEP is recommended by the AUA for BPH2 treatment. Among its advantages are a low reoperation rates, and wide patient applicability
• Compared with alternative treatment options for BPH, HoLEP has a major advantage in efficacy and safety

VPPS 100W laser for Stone-Dusting™
Stone-Dusting Lithotripsy is efficient at pulverizing stones. Clinical evidence suggests that stone dusting may reduce the need for basket extraction thereby decreasing possible complications associated with the routine use of ureteral access sheaths. The low energy per pulse applied in dusting typically minimizes retropulsion.


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